About Tanya Lasagna


The Underage Queen Of Austin, TX

Tanya Lasagna began her "career" as a Drag performer in Austin, Tx at the age of 18. She quickly realized that being underage was part of her charm, and people were very receptive to her making fun of the "x" that are put on her hands every time she enters a club. Thus being her brand now
(it's going to be very awkward when she turns 21). Click the link to see her perform one of her more popular "x" numbers.

"X" Number (Go to 5:08)- Filmed by Lisa Rose

Her Body

Tanya Lasagna has gained recognition for her body confidence almost as fast as she's gained weight since moving to Austin. Tanya makes it a point to not blatantly make fun of her weight, rather then just walking out in what all the things "only skinny girls wear" and rock it better then them.


Turn The party

Tanya Lasagnas mission in drag is to help everyone escape from what can be a harsh reality sometimes. You will always find her making jokes and lip-syncing to something fun. Never a ballad or a serious talk about what is going on in the world. Instead an upbeat number that pulls the satire out of any situation, or a stand-up bit that brings light to a situation.